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About us


Global Events & Conferencing  is a professional global event organiser and corporate training provider, dedicated to help organisations to create new market space or a “blue ocean”, thereby making the competition irrelevant.

Whilst having a reputation for delivering the highest quality events, and with many years’ experience, the company has grown with an ever changing market and built an extensive portfolio. Global Events strives to be the best service out there, with the highest regards to quality and professionalism.

Our clients operate in the following industries: Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals, Banking and Financial Services, Government Institutions and Ministries, Telecommunications, Ports and Transp



Our vision is to continuously grow to be the world's leading professional enterprise development. With the world ever changing we execute the most prestigious events out there and plan to become innovative leaders in the industry.

We continue to provide our clients with the freshest outlooks and deliver top training courses and conferences. With our in depth research and carefully selected speakers and trainers we are able to run high quality events.

We aim to positon ourselves as a top company who creates superior events, offering something new every time, whilst maintaining our cost effective solutions for delegates. 





Global Events offers an extensive range of corporate training courses. Offering over 70 courses in Management, Leadership, Finance & Accounting, Sales and Marketing, PR and Communication,Engineering Courses,Human Resources and Specialised Training for Oil and Gas Sector.

Management Training

Leadership Training

Human Resources

Finance and Accounting

Sales and Marketing

PR and Communication

In-House Solutions


GlobalEvents can provide tailored trainings on a variety of topics to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Our in-house, customised and bespoke training solution offer ultimate flexibility and value for money. In-company training courses can be redelivered in South Africa and internationally. Find out more